Photography: 2point8 Studios

About Roger

Learning by ear.

I’ve been playing Rock n Roll guitar since I was 13. I remember my friend and I took summer school Guitar lessons in 1965. We didn’t learn much from the lessons, but one day after lessons we watched the serial comedy show The Monkeys, and ironically that got me thinking seriously about music.

I’ve been in bands learning by trial and error ever since. I tried guitar lessons but didn’t seem to learn much until my teacher got a phone call. He could hear me playing an old Animals lead I had figured out on my own. After the call he took my lesson book away and said I would be learning by ear from now on. I’ve been in three good bands and a couple of bad ones since my start. My first band, The Determined even opened for Paul Revere and the Raiders at Lagoon. Now I’m trying to keep up with a great bunch of guys in Echo.

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